Posted by: ssichler | August 21, 2008

Back in the Estados Unidos de Norte América

We walked across the border yesterday morning after an all night bus ride from Veracruz to Matamoros. The US Border agent asked me all kinds of questions I had difficulties answering correctly. “How long have you been out of the country?” – “ugh… 8 months … no wait I left May 8th.” – “Where do you live?” … “Los Angeles… well Palm Springs really but we just moved there before we left so…” – “What do you do for work?” – Me thinking answering “Nothing” wouldn’t be good I used the handy “Internet consulting” answer – “Do you have any prescription drugs?” – “Ambien in my backpack” – “Do you have any other drugs such as blah… blah… or Cipro?” – “Oh yeah we bought some Cipro after getting food poisoning.” – “How much?” – “Four doses” – “Let’s see” -“Jaime, Where’s the Cipro?” – “Sir you have more than four doses here. We will need to anal cavity search…” OK the cavity search part didn’t happen and but he did have me go back to toilet and dump out the Cipro.

After finally answering enough questions we were admitted back in the country and we met Capt. Jim and are now staying with them here in lovely and sticky “Port Uglyville”. After spending over a month in the temperate highlands of Mexico and Guatemala where it never got above 85 degrees, it seems pretty hot.

I’ve added a link to a Google map of our trip in case anyone is curious.


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